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‘RBT BODY POSTURE FIXATION & PILATES THERA’ ran by a Korean genius of IQ 190, Sanghyun Cho
‘RBT BODY POSTURE FIXATION & PILATES THERA’ ran by a Korean genius of IQ 190, Sanghyun Cho
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Public’s interest towards professor Seong-Yeol Kim, the founder of the RBT technology and the head of the department of physical therapy at Kyungnam university, has been rekindled ever since the additional opening of the sports centre RBT in the Songdo international city ran by experts equipped with professional medical knowledge.


▲ The CEO of Songdo RBT, Sanghyun Cho
▲ The CEO of Songdo RBT, Sanghyun Cho

As the director of the ‘Institute for Analysis in Cause of Chronic Pain’ and ‘Institute of East-West Pain Treatment’, professor Kim worked at various academic institutes based on his research and contributed to the improvement of the quality of Korean physical therapy.


In addition, professor Kim is known to have focused in the ways to improve and prevent diseases that develop from various muscles based on his profound experience. As a result, professor Kim introduced body posture fixation program 'RBT' via various studies.


“The RBT is a program that analyzes movement patterns through postural reflex, identifies source of pain and solve pain through manual therapy, taping and functional exercise,” professor Kim explained. The RBT is a non-surgical treatment, but it is efficient in preventing and eliminating symptoms such as scoliosis.


▲ The founder of the RBT, professor Seong-Yeol Kim
▲ The founder of the RBT, professor Seong-Yeol Kim

While the RBT had been gaining its recognition for its effectiveness regardless of company promotion, CEO Sanghyun Cho showed great interest and opened a new center in the Songdo international city.

After majoring in medicine, CEO Cho has been working in many different areas, including the education and clothing industries. As a member of the steering committee of the Korean Psychological Association of Culture and Social Issues, Sanghyun Cho said he has come to open an exercise center in order to present healthier lives.

CEO Cho also highlighted that it is important to provide services to foreigners living in Songdo international city, as a number of them cannot get proper medical treatment in Korea. In order to do so, he hired Jonghun Kim, a colleague from high IQ society who studied at UCL, one of the leading universities in the UK, to help him out as an executive.

As a result, the Songdo RBT, along with a coach from the national Olympic team, is offering physical corrections and various sports programs to national athletes and the public, regardless of their nationality, based on the RBT program.


▲ The interior design of the Songdo RBT
▲ The interior design of the Songdo RBT

“We need to provide Pilates at a lower cost to anyone who wants to lead a healthy life,” CEO Cho said. “The RBT will be everyone’s number one option to live a healthy life in an aging society.”

CEO Cho, meanwhile, appeared and was introduced as a genius of IQ 190 on various TV programs, including ‘OBS Golden bag” and “TvN Problematic man.”

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