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Interview with coach Sabin Kim of 'RBT body posture fixation & pilates thera', a group of fitness experts at Songdo international city
Interview with coach Sabin Kim of 'RBT body posture fixation & pilates thera', a group of fitness experts at Songdo international city
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Last month, 'RBT body posture fixation & Pilates thera' from Songdo international city appeared on MBN's 'The King of the Thumps-up', featuring the theme of "Calves and life expectancy".

-RBT Senior Coach Sabin Kim-
-RBT Senior Coach Sabin Kim-


Several doctors and the director Daewon Park, who appeared as the panel of the program, said "It's safe to say that the calf's health determines the person's lifespan since the calves is in charge of the whole blood circulation". The director, in turn, demonstrated easy method of calve self-diagnosis and how to handily remove calve edema, which can lead to varicose vein. As we embrace the era of Homo-hundred, where work-life balance is emphasized the most and everyone is concentrating on fitness to live a healthy senescence, I grabbed a chance to interview coach Sabin Kim of RBT.

-RBT Senior Coach Sabin Kim-
-RBT Senior Coach Sabin Kim-


-RBT Senior Coach Sabin Kim appearing on KBS 'Ask Anything'-

Q. I heard that there are several fitness experts in RBT. What does RBT do?

A. RBT (Reflex Balance Thera) is a body posture fixation center where one can scientifically analyze movement pattern based on his personal postural reflex, find the root cause of the pain, and be presented with a suitable posture fixation and exercise methods.
Such customized exercises can prevent excessive stress or injury in the tissues, so you can expect a smoother natural recovery within your body.
In addition, the RBT recruits selected coaches with medical knowledge and train them based on RBT technology before they treat the clients. RBT's health management techniques are currently being introduced in Changwon of South Gyeonsang Province, Songdo of Incheon and Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam, while director Daewon Park is taking care of national Olympic athletes' fitness.

Q. I heard RBT has been busy lately.
A. Many clients exercising at RBT are working in the field of medicine, including doctors and nurses, so the number of new clients visiting for rehabilitation is rapidly increasing. Furthermore, after RBT coaches appeared in several TV fitness shows including 'Ask anything", "I'm the god of body", "The King of the thumbs-up", more and more people who suffer from severe pain come from all over the country. Therefore, we are constantly sharing fitness information with our coaches through internal meetings based on the latest research papers. As a result, the coaches are acquiring more specialized skills and clients are healing faster.

Q. Do you have any last minute tips about health?
A. One was able to enjoy the summer with radiant sunshine not long ago, but you can feel the cool breeze in the evening these days. You should pay more attention to your health as you are more likely to be exposed to various diseases while seasons change. In order to adapt to the severe temperature difference between night and day, our bodies do more work on their own.
While doing more work to adapt, our bodies become more susceptible to various types of pain, including headache. We have a tendency to look over pains such as headache and dizziness, but it may be aggravated if lightly taken care of.
Headache may be caused due to clotting of the muscles around one's neck resulting from poor posture, worsened blood circulation due to lack of exercise, so it is important to keep stretching, regular eating habits and do exercises that suit you.

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