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GXT project launches first ever diamond auction service using cryptocurrency
GXT project launches first ever diamond auction service using cryptocurrency
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PIC_The first ever diamond auction in a GXT wallet using a GXT coin (Photo=GXT Project)
PIC_The first ever diamond auction in a GXT wallet using a GXT coin (Photo=GXT Project)

[NEWSFLIX] Kim Hong il = The real economy that combines blockchain technology with real life is becoming practical. GXT Global announced that they will launch diamond auction service following the finance (insurance), online shopping mall (euro mall), offline luxury store (eurofriends) and lounge bar, a real economy that combines blockchain technology through the GXT project.

The first diamond auction using coins begins at 15:00 UTC + 8 on May 4th. It said the first auction product is three carats of diamonds that expected to have a market value of around $ 50,000 with more than, and can be participate in the auction using GXT coins, and the highest bidder of the auction will receive auction items and a warranty.

The auction participation method is a structure in which a person who pays GXT as a participation fee before the auction starts, participates in the auction, and then the highest bidder will be awarded auction item.

A GXT project official said, “The project uses the participation fee as the auction price, so the actual successful bidder can win the auction product at a very small amount. Therefore, many people are expected to participate. ”

The auction items and the guarantee will be insured and shipped to the country in which the auction was successful, and the tax is borne by the person for customs clearance.

The auction service will be available on the GXT platform of the GXT wallet using the GXT coin, and the GXT coin is listed on the BTC market of the BW, COINBIST and EUROEX exchanges, making it available for purchase on the exchange.

GXT coin holders can purchase insurance as part of financial services through GXT wallets, and at the online shopping mall named Euro Mall can link GXT coins to use up to 100% when purchasing goods. In addition, a luxury store in Berger, located in Apgujeong as an offline store in Korea, is equipped with a blockchain offline payment system to enable purchase of products using GXT coin through G-PAY in GXT wallet..

“GXT Global aims to build a blockchain ecosystem based on a strong real economy, and we are actually realizing the construction of an ecosystem through GXT coins. However, it is only the beginning of GXT Global's roadmap,”said an official from GXT Global. "GXT holders will continue to strive to experience a more diverse real economy through GXT" he added.

GXT Global is a blockchain-based technology company headquartered in Singapore and issuing cryptocurrency in the Virgin Islands. It purchases diamond gemstones in Tanzania and Congo, processes them in India, and distributes diamonds in Dubai DMCC, the world's No. 1 diamond sales market. In addition, to maximize the value of diamond products, it has acquired US brand Bergere for more than 70 years and has registered trademarks in nine countries.

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