Presenting Lee Choun Hwan's ink wash paintins at BAMA 2021 show, Busan Anuual Market of Art.
Presenting Lee Choun Hwan's ink wash paintins at BAMA 2021 show, Busan Anuual Market of Art.
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[Newsflix] Lee Choun Hwan's ink wash paintings are exhibited at BAMA 2021 show, Busan Anuual Market of Art, which takes a place from April 9 to April 11 in 2021.

Lee Choun Hwan started his career as a fine artist with traditional ink wash painting. He has constantly advanced not only ink paintings but developed creative style by using materials and techniques of Western painting.

16 artworks ranging from traditional ink wash painting to new style are presented in the booth#B20. Various arragement of his works represents his 40 years journey of art career, and shows difference between early paintings and latest ones such as the series of 'The mood of the mountain'. The representative ink painting 'The Sound of Nature'(2005) was created by only varying the ink density, which raidates a sence of calm. 'Jeongdori Gugyedeung'(2005), 'Danyang, Mid-rain'(2005), and 'Ulsanbawi Rock After Snowfall'(2005) depicting fog flow on the mountains, sea and river were based on the places where he got motivated and expanded understanding of nature. Compared to delicate stroke of these ink paintins, the series of 'The mood of The Mountain' recently created features simpler color and structure. The artist also tried stone powder on paintings like 'The mood of The Mountain#393' describing mountain at dawn and 'The mood of The Mountain#390' expressing the atmosphere of mountain in fall.

The artist said “Memories of my hometown are my deepest motivation, and they give me inspiration and creativity when I seek for new approach or techniques.”, “It's pleasure to particiate in such a great artfair, BAMA 2021 show, and have a chance to share my artistic experience with visitors.”

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